The City of Olney will begin its regular mosquito control program on Monday, June 12th.  All areas of the City will be sprayed twice per week on Mondays and Thursdays beginning at dusk.  

The eggs are treated with Vectolex CG & Vectolex FG Pellets, a larvaecide applied to standing water.  Adult mosquitoes are treated with Anvil 2+2 ULV, Biomist 3+15 or Mosquitomist One ULV, a chemical sprayed from a fogging machine.  The temperature outside has to be above 60 degrees to be effective and for the fogger to work properly.

We would like to pass along information about the dangers of mosquitoes and how to control mosquitoes:

Mosquitoes are not only annoying, but they can be transmitters of the West Nile Virus, encephalitis, malaria, and yellow fever to humans, and heartworm to pets. 

You can take simple, positive steps to reduce this menace, right at home, since many generations of mosquitoes can breed right in your own yard.

Standing water means you could be raising mosquitoes.  Adult flying mosquitoes often rest in tall grass and shrubbery, but they cannot develop there.  All mosquitoes need water to complete their life cycle.

Some mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water where they hatch in just a day or two.  Other mosquitoes may lay their eggs in old tires, tin cans, or other water-holding containers.  The eggs remain unhatched for weeks or even months until they are covered with water.

So, after any significant rainfall remember to remove any standing water from your yard and help keep mosquitoes from hatching.

Check out the Yard and Home Checklist for other helpful ideas:

Get rid of old tires, tin cans, buckets, drums, bottles, or any water holding containers

Fill in or drain any low places (puddles, ruts) in yards

Keep drains, ditches, and culverts clean of weeds and trash so water will drain properly

Cover trash containers to keep out rain water

Repair leaky pipes and outdoor faucets

Empty plastic wading pool at least once a week and store it indoors when not in use

Make sure your backyard pool is properly cared for while on vacation

Fill in tree rot holes and hollow stumps that hold water with sand or concrete

Change the water in bird baths and plant pots or drip trays at least once a week

Keep grass cut short and shrubbery well trimmed around the house so adult mosquitoes will not hide there